Could you evacuate your facility in less than 10 minutes... how about 90 minutes?

Most Fire and Safety Officers do not know what will happen to their flammable chemicals stored in sheet steel cabinets in the event of a fire.

How safe is your flammable safety storage cabinet? Are you able to provide the maximum of safety for you and your environment in the event of a fire?

asecos have compared the performance of the three most common types of safety storage cabinets in the world. A non-certified metal cabinet, a double-walled sheet-steel cabinet and EN-style cabinet with a 90 minutes fire-rating.

Do you know how your flammable storage cabinet will perform in a fire?
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asecos - Fire performance test

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Safety storage cabinets complying with EN 14470-1: Key safety features

– Available with 30 and 90 minute fire resistance. This means it takes 30/90 minutes of exposure to a fire before the temperature inside rises by more than 180 °C (356 °F).

– Approved and certified BS EN 14470-1, EN 16121/16122, GS & FM 6050 and UL 1275 and meeting the requirements of the NFPA Code 30, NFPA 1 Fire Code, and OSHA.

– Safety features include: Sealed door gaps, self-closing doors, insulation and defined air flow.

– Constructed using multiple layers of fire-resistant boards, cabinet body has a rugged powder coated steel exterior that provides excellent corrosion resistance.

– Under fire conditions, intumescent strips expand and hermetically seal all gaps to reduce heat entering the cabinet, providing 90-minutes of content protection and extended evacuation time.

– Hybrid style doors open or close manually and include a damper that adjusts the force needed to move the doors. In the event of a fire, the built-in fusible link system releases to allow automatic closure of doors at 122°F (50°C).

asecos cabinets according to EN 14470-1: key benefits

– Freestanding and under counter units
– Two fire resistance categories – 30 minutes and 90 minutes
– EN 144701, UL(C) 1275 and FM 6050 approvals
– Selfclosing and selfsealing doors and vent connections in the event of a fire
– Large variety of interior configurations and unique drawer systems
– May qualify as mobile high hazard room (subject to local AHJ approval)
– May allow increase of maximum allowable quantities (subject to local AHJ approval)

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