Overview: Safety storage cabinets of the V-CLASSIC-90 MULTIRISK model line

The new MULTIRISK cabinet from asecos for the safe, flexible and energetically sustainable storage of various hazardous materials in just one cabinet

Fire resistant safety storage cabinets for the unrestricted storage of a variety of hazardous materials in work areas

With a cabinet width of only 60 cm, the MULTIRISK cabinet offers a high storage capacity (per storage level 14 x 1-litre laboratory glass bottles or 4 x 2.5-litre and 3 x 1-litre laboratory glass bottles), as the cabinet with its depth of 86 cm makes perfect use of the available space next to laboratory fume cupboards. The new MUTIRISK cabinet can replace three conventional safety storage cabinets, saves space in the laboratory and significantly reduces the amount of technical exhaust air required for the safe storage of hazardous materials.

  • Fire resistance of 90 minutes (type 90), type-tested in accordance with EN 14470-1
  • GS-tested*
  • Conformity according to EN 16121 and DIN EN 16122*
  • Excellent products with special manufacturer warranty.

*applied for


The highlights of the V-CLASSIC-90 MULTIRISK

  •  V-LINE MULTIRISK Sicherheitsschrank
    Comfortable overview and access
    • The cabinet user is entirely unrestricted in deciding which types of hazardous materials are to be stored in the two storage compartments
    • Both vertical drawers can be used equally thanks to the ventilation concept and uniform interior equipment
  •  V-LINE MULTIRISK safety cabinet
    Optional: storage box for toxic substances
    • The optionally available storage box can be conveniently opened via a sliding mechanism, locked separately and is thus ideally suited for toxic substances to be kept under lock and key
  •  V-LINE MULTIRISK safety cabinet
    Special fire resistant construction
    • The special, completely fire-resistant construction of the Type 90 MULTIRISK cabinet offers, for the first time, the possibility of fire-protected storage of corrosive and toxic hazardous substances
    • The cabinet thus not only ensures the safe storage of different hazardous materials in daily operations, but also provides maximum protection for users and rescue forces in case of a fire
  •  V-LINE MULTIRISK safety cabinets
    Metal-free storage levels
    • Each storage level is equipped with an tray shelf made of chemical-resistant PE and can be adjusted tool-free in height at any time by the customer
    • The polyethylene trays are easy to remove, e.g. for cleaning or in case of leakage
  • V-LINE MULTIRISK safety cabinet
    Optimal integration and use of space
    • The space-saving storage solution with high storage volume is optimally suited for installation next to fume cupboards with a width of only 60 cm and a depth of 86 cm deep
  •  V-LINE MULTIRISK safety cabinet
    • To protect against unauthorised use, the cabinet can be securely locked
    • The integrated red/green indicator quickly shows the locking status
    • The cabinet can be integrated into existing locking systems by replacing the profile cylinder on site
  •  V-LINE MULTIRISK safety cabinet
    Technical ventilation
    • Hazardous material vapours are captured at each storage level within the cabinet and can be extracted directly via the integrated air ducts ready for conneciton (NW 75) to a technical exhaust system
    • The possible formation of explosive atmospheres or harmful vapours is safely prevented
  •  V-LINE MULTIRISK safety cabinet
    Integrated Safety Assistance System (SAS)
    • The minimum required exhaust air volume is monitored with the integrated safety assistance system (SAS) – for permanently safe and energy-efficient operation of the technical ventilation

1 safety storage cabinet substituting 3 conventional safety storage cabinets - how is that possible?

Learn in this video why, in the future, you can rely on the V-CLASSIC-90 MULTIRISK safety cabinet from asecos as...

...a fire-resistant safety cabinet for flammable liquids,

...a special acid-leach safety cabinet for corrosive substances and

...a lockable safety cabinet for toxic substances for your daily laboratory routine!


  • V-CLASSIC-90 MULTIRISK: Front view

    V-CLASSIC-90 MULTIRISK: Front view

  • V-CLASSIC-90 MULTIRISK with two vertical drawers

    V-CLASSIC-90 MULTIRISK with two vertical drawers

  • V-CLASSIC-90 MULTIRISK with two vertical drawers

    V-CLASSIC-90 MULTIRISK with two vertical drawers

  • V-CLASSIC-90 MULTIRISK: Optionally with gift box

    V-CLASSIC-90 MULTIRISK: Optionally with gift box

  • V-CLASSIC-90 MULTIRISK with two vertical drawers

    V-CLASSIC-90 MULTIRISK with two vertical drawers

  • V-CLASSIC-90 MULTIRISK with metal-free bearing levels

    V-CLASSIC-90 MULTIRISK with metal-free bearing levels

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