28 Apr 2018 Today is the World Day for “Safety and Health at Work”

The “World Day for Safety and Health at Work”, introduced worldwide by the International Labour Organization (ILO) of the United States, is celebrated annually on 28 April to promote safe, healthy and humane working conditions.

So what does it mean to contribute to a safer working world? Creating better awareness and providing information! To make people aware of the dangers of routine when handling hazardous substances, asecos employees hold experimental lectures, both on a national and international level, at trade fairs and events.

Because it can happen so easily

The talks highlight the hazard potential and possible consequences that result when dealing even with just small quantities of chemicals. Both novices and seasoned professionals are brought face to face with the risks involved in handling hazardous substances in a hands-on but secure setting. In addition to these training events provided by the asecos academy, asecos also offers comprehensive informative materials in the form of brochures and video clips.

The informational video “because it really can happen” shows just how quickly a workplace accident with severe consequences can occur when incorrectly handling hazardous substances. By using appropriate protective measures and secure product solutions, severe consequences that affect both people and the environment can be avoided. You can find the informational video on the asecos Youtube channel. Click here to launch the video.

When it comes to making people more aware of potential dangers, it is one thing to regulate safe handling of products and another to demonstrate different solutions. There are clear legal bases regarding the handling and storage of hazardous substances: these are fulfilled in terms of both the law and in practical terms with type-approved safety storage cabinets. Which hazardous substance storage solution is suitable in each individual case depends on various factors: for this reason, the experts from asecos are available to help you and would be delighted to provide information and advice.

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