22 Feb 2016 Startup of the new 5,000 square metre production and storage facility

Over a construction period of 10 months and with an investment of around
3 million euros, asecos has expanded its production capacity with the additional 5,000 square metre production facility.

The works expansion increases the significance of the company headquarters
as an international production facility and is at the same time a response to the worldwide greater demand for individual safety solutions in the area of handling and storage of hazardous materials.

Greater production capacity at company headquarters

"With the new manufacturing facility we are increasing our production area by 30 percent, and with it our capacity" says the delighted Michael Schrems, managing partner at asecos GmbH.

"The new space also enables us to have a structured overhaul of production. Specialist staff will have a more targeted role in the production process, which will increase the product quality. Overall, all the work processes will be more effective and production processes more efficient" continued Schrems.

Energy matters as an important factor

In addition to optimised processes and building economically, important aspects in planning the new facility included, among others, the minimisation of energy consumption. The solar power system installed on the roof enables the production and administration building to be nearly independent of the public supply grid.
In 2017 another planned administration building will be supplied from the solar power system.

To produce optimum working conditions in the manufacture of the safety storage cabinets, the production area is equipped with a state-of-the-art LED lighting system. Controlled by a central unit linked via a WLAN, the interior lighting adjusts itself to the outside and daylight conditions. For example, the interior lighting can be turned down in the summer under favourable light conditions. This saves energy and protects the environment.

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