11 Feb 2016 SOFT-CLOSE – almost on its own

asecos Type 90 safety under bench cabinets are available with even more comfort and safety in daily use. All models with drawers are available with the new asecos SOFT-CLOSE technology!

The function: The spring mechanism mounted on the slides ensures that the drawer – even when pushed hard – is slowed before reaching the end stop for ensuring a gentle and quiet self-acting closing of the drawer. The perfect function of the SOFT-CLOSE Technology is also guaranteed with a fully, up to 50 kg, loaded drawer.

SOFT-CLOSE – almost on its own

Your benefits

With much force or just gently? This question never needs to be answered again in future.

If the drawer stays open in the end stop area, the permanent proper function of the air exhaust exchange inside the cabinet is at risk.

If the drawer is rudely pushed into its end stop position it can occur that stored glass bottles break, container fall over and hazardous materials leak.

This is now effectively prevented with the new SOFT-CLOSE Technology!

Test it now and convince yourself from this new operating comfort with additional plus of safety in daily use. By the way, the SOFT-CLOSE Technology can also be retrofitted in already delivered asecos Type 90 Safety Underbench Cabinets with drawers.

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asecos Type 90 safety under bench cabinets are GS certified and type-tested with a fire resistance of at least 90 minutes and offer maximum security!

asecos guarantees highest product quality „Made in Germany“

See for yourself the large the variety of models with either wing doors or drawers and possible interior equipment variants. The product range offer you, with standard fitted locking state indicator, optimized air flow technology, optionally available supply and/or disposal solutions, maximized internal height for larger containers and castors with plinth for optimal mobility, a wide range of application possibilities.

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