24 Jan 2017 World novelty V-LINE: The new formula for the storage of hazardous materials

The first series of fire-rated safety storage cabinets with vertical drawers is a completely new concept. The most important feature of the V-LINE is the very high storage capacity with narrow construction width: V-LINE safety cabinets offer identical storage volumes as standard cabinets at half the width.

The innovative vertical drawer technology is easy to use and allows easy operation of the cabinet with access from both sides and perfect overview of all stored containers. The electromechanical opening and closing of the vertical drawers occur easily by the push of a button.

asecos presented first insights at the V-LINE roadshow

During the roadshow, asecos presented the new cabinet technology in six large German cities to a broad specialist audience of safety officers, laboratory builders and planners as well as specialist dealers.

The V-LINE – with a standard fire resistance of 90 minutes – is available to customers from the second quarter of 2017.

"We are responding to market requirements with this new development. We are pleased that the V-LINE has a consistently positive response from our expert roadshow participants," said Günther Rossdeutscher, the managing partner of asecos GmbH. He added, "We use the feedback gained to further develop the V-LINE and to create the highest user comfort."

V-LINE roadshow for specialist public

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