13 Jan 2020 asecos free training course 2020: “MATSAFE” Hazardous Material Storage

What to expect from this campaign in 2020? In February the focus of the free educational guide will be on 'Hazardous materials – definition and terms':

– How to define and identify these substances?
– Understanding the Globally Harmonised System (GHS) of labelling
– Specific focus on flammable liquids – What is the flash point?
– Why are auto-ignition points important?
– What are explosion limits?
– And much more…

Further focus topics in the upcoming months: UK Legislation (March); Revision of your collected knowledge (April), 'Understanding Safety Data Sheets and performing Risk Assessments' (May 2020); ...

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asecos academy free training course: “MATSAFE” Hazardous Material Storage
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