30 Mai 2018 asecos in an interview with Dawid Stolc, European strategy portfolio manager at VWR part of Avantor

VWR, part of Avantor is one of the leading global, independent provider of product and service solutions to laboratory and production customers, enabling science for customers in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, industrial, education, government and healthcare industries.

asecos in an interview with Dawid Stolc, European strategy portfolio manager at VWR part of Avantor:

1. Dawid, you as our VWR portfolio manager, what are your challenging remits?

One of my previous bosses, when I worked in the field, he said: “Dawid, be like R2D2, you have to have eyes around your head, you have to be vigilant, you have to react quickly and you cannot follow stereotypes.”

Now, as a European strategy portfolio manager, I still have this simple truth in my head. My responsibilities are the right selection of suppliers, products and defining the best promotions and sales strategies for the European market. It is for colleagues from the sales field that I have to be like R2D2 now again.

2. Your community recently voted us for Best Portfolio Management 2018 - What do your customers value most about our business/products?

Let me congratulate you once again for this award. The biggest value is safety and security. It is obvious that in every business security is a very important point. Security of transactions, product quality, timeliness etc. In the case of your products, it is extremely important; here the key is customer safety during their daily work.

3. What distinguishes asecos from other suppliers?

Despite the fact that each supplier is unique, it is very difficult to talk about significant differences. The key is partnership cooperation with our top suppliers. Only such an open approach allows a successful and safe business.

4. What characterizes our employees?

To be effective in such a diverse European market. It is important to be able to listen actively and to be willing to understand local needs. Another important point is active response, technical and sales support. This professional approach characterizes asecos employees.

 5. What characterizes our long-standing cooperation?

In good business, it is a bit like in a successful marriage. Even when there are worse moments, both sides find a common language and listen to each other. By answering your question in one word, I will say “partnership”!

6. Is there a special offer you'd like to include for the readers?

I would not like to promote asecos or VWR here. However, with all my heart I can recommend a model of cooperation that we have developed over the years as a model to follow in the relationship between the manufacturer and the distributor. Only such a cooperation allows for measurable and immeasurable gains for our esteemed customers. This is the essence of safe business. In addition, as you know, safety is the most important, especially in the case of safety cabinets and the proper storage of hazardous materials.

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