06 Jan 2016 World´s first 90 minutes safety storage cabinets with FM Approval

asecos presents a new range of safety cabinets approved and certified according to FM standards. The FM approved safety storage cabinets with 90 minutes fire resistance offer protection at the highest stage.
In addition asecos safety storage cabinets also meet European Standards – EN 14470-1 and 14727 and the "GS" mark guarantees robust contruction and longevity. Further product features are: modern design, self-closing wing doors and secure cylinder locking as well as different interior options and ventilation possibilities.

FM Global is one of the world's leading property insurers, specialized on property assurance through risk analysis and risk minimization. Operating in more than 130 countries, the branch FM Approvals certifies industrial and commercial products and services for companies worldwide. With the "FM-Approved" mark is ensured that the product will perform as expected and support property loss prevention.

The FM-Standard 6050 states the approval criteria for cabinets used to store flammable and combustile liquids. The technical performance requirments include: fire exposure in combination with flame arresters, self-closing system and operating temperature testing as well as spill containment and loading verifications. FM Approvals also require a continuous audit and certification of the manufacturing facilities.

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