Intensive cleaning of smoking cabins

So that fresh air can always also remain fresh air!

The aging of tobacco smoke in the room air and tobacco deposits in the smoking cabin can lead to an additional odor. Therefore, the smoking cabin should not only be regularly maintained, but also thoroughly cleaned once a year.

Our certified service technicians, who are trained to VDI 6022, clean the contaminated parts of your smoking cabin intensively and effectively.

Intensive cleaning of smoking cabins

Each operator of a room ventilation system is responsible for the implementation of the directive VDI 6022 " Hygiene requirements for air ventilation systems and equipment" on their own responsibility.

The implementation of the VDI 6022 requires regularly recurring inspections, maintenance and possibly cleaning work. Only in this way is it possible to ensure a perfect operating state of a ventilation system.


We ensure the hygiene and freshness of your smoking cabin

Depending on the professional cleaning interval, the following service scope is included:

  • Emptying and cleaning of ash tray module
  • Surface cleaning of aluminum profiles and pipes
  • Internal cleaning of the air-conducting piping of the tables (piping systems)
  • Cleaning of the intake section of the filter unit
  • Clean the directly accessible surfaces of the ceiling elements
  • Cleaning the ceiling gaps above the perforated sheets
  • Internal and external cleaning of all glass surfaces
  • Cleaning of all freely accessible and visible cabin parts

We are happy to be at your disposal for further information and requests for quotation: Request here your quote on intensive cleaning individually created for you.

Intensive cleaning of smoking cabins
Intensive cleaning of smoking cabins
Intensive cleaning of smoking cabins

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