A+A 2023

24.10.2023 - 27.10.2023 | Dusseldorf | Germany

Booth: Hall 4, D07 + D11

The 38th International A+A Congress 2023 will take place in parallel to A+A from 24 to 27 October 2023. It is organised by the Basi – the Federal Association for Occupational Safety and Health. The congress takes up the future topics of digitalisation and sustainability and, as a leading international trade event, presents national and global political advances. This includes prevention strategies such as the "Vision Zero". In addition, occupational science findings from application-oriented research are presented and discussed.

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 A+A Dusseldorf 2023

As the world's leading manufacturer of safety cabinets according to the European standard EN 14470-1/-2, asecos will be represented as an exhibitor with the following products:

  • asecos ION-LINE: Safe charging and storage of lithium-ion batteries in type 90 safety cabinets
    • Safe, passive (ION-STORE) and active (ION-CHARGE) storage of lithium-ion batteries in workrooms in accordance with regulations. In the asecos ION-LINE safety cabinets, safe charging of batteries is possible in the fire-protected cabinet interior via high-quality, ready-to-use protective contact sockets. Different equipment variants enable the use of these safety cabinets for every need.
    asecos GAP-LINE: Safe working with hazardous substances workplaces
    • A wide variety of work procedures require unique solutions when handling hazardous materials. The modular hazardous material work stations by asecos guarantee the ideal product is found quickly.
 asecos ION-LINE Safety cabinet
 asecos GAP-LINE Hazardous substance workplace

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A+A 2023
24.10.2023 - 27.10.2023 | Dusseldorf | Germany

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