Ciclosferia 2023

21.04.2023 - 23.04.2023 | Valencia | Spain

The urban bike show in Spain consolidates and repeats its venue for its second physical edition: the Ciclosferia will be held again in La Marina de Valencia on the weekend of April 21, 22 and 23, 2023, again with an exhibition, a professional day, a variety of events, children's activities, concerts, food trucks and many other surprises and activities.

Ciclosferia 2023

As the world's leading manufacturer of safety cabinets according to European standard EN 14470-1/-2, asecos is represented as an exhibitor with the ION-LINE safety cabinet!

  • The asecos ION-LINE safety cabinets are suitable for active and passive storage of lithium-ion batteries and have a fire resistance of 90 minutes (type 90) - fire protection from the outside to the inside. In addition, all ION-LINE models provide over 90 minutes of fire resistance when exposed to fire from the inside out.
  • The BATTERY CHARGE PRO and BATTERY STORE PRO models also feature a high-quality 3-stage warning/fire suppression system inside the cabinet (plug-in version): Any fire starting in the cabinet is detected immediately - this provides even greater safety when storing and charging lithium-ion batteries.

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