ForumLabo Paris

28.03.2023 - 30.03.2023 | Paris | France

Booth: E20

Forum LABO, a CIFL event, brings together the entire laboratory profession: large, medium and small companies, startups, researchers, students, professional societies but also buyers and laboratory technicians from the public sector or from the pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnology and cosmetics industries to think and shape the laboratory of tomorrow.

Here you will find a global offer and the latest market innovations for research, analysis and control in 5 universes: laboratory consumables, chemicals/reagents, equipment, scientific instruments and services.

 ForumLabo Paris 2023

As the world's leading manufacturer of safety cabinets according to the European standard EN 14470-1/-2, asecos will be represented as an exhibitor with the following products:

  • asecos V-CLASSIC-90 MULTIRISK: The future of hazardous material storage.
    • Experience the future of hazardous materials storage in the laboratory in the form of the new Type 90 Multirisk safety cabinet V-CLASSIC-90, which allows space-saving storage of flammable liquids, acids and alkalis as well as poisons directly at the workplace with maximum fire protection. This is ensured by a completely new cabinet design and an integrated, efficient ventilation system.
  • asecos ION-LINE: Safe charging and storage of lithium-ion batteries in Type 90 safety cabinets
    • Safe, regulation-compliant passive (ION-STORE) and active (ION-CHARGE) storage of lithium-ion batteries in workrooms. In the asecos ION-LINE safety cabinets, safe charging of batteries is possible in the fire-protected cabinet interior via high-quality, ready-to-use protective contact sockets. Different equipment variants allow the use of these safety cabinets for any requirement.
  • asecos V-LINE: Safety cabinets with electronic vertical drawers for maximum ease of use and access to all stored containers from both sides
    • Safety cabinets for unrestricted storage of flammable hazardous substances in workrooms in accordance with TRGS 510. With a depth of 86 cm, this space-saving storage solution is ideally suited for installation next to workbenches or fume hoods. Despite a cabinet width of only 45 cm, this ensures an identical storage volume to standard cabinets. The vertical pull-out technology allows flexible and convenient access to all stored containers from two sides.
  • asecos Q-LINE: Safety cabinets with robust design
    • Safety cabinets for the unrestricted storage of flammable hazardous substances in workrooms in accordance with TRGS 510. Durable and low-wear thanks to particularly robust design and construction. For greater convenience when storing and retrieving containers, the doors remain open at any opening angle. Flexible choice of in-house installation location.
 asecos V-CLASSIC-90 MULTIRISK Sicherheitsschrank
 asecos ION-LINE Sicherheitsschrank
 asecos Q-LINE Sicherheitsschrank

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