16. Fachkonferenz: Lithiumbatterien 2023

23.01.2023 - 26.01.2023 | Goettingen | Germany

Looking at the media, we see that the logistics of lithium batteries and devices/vehicles containing lithium batteries are associated with risks. The legislator reacts with increased requirements for production, storage and disposal areas, which are difficult to implement. Multiple approaches are being taken to mitigate risk over the course of a battery's life. These include upcoming new classification rules, a wide variety of fire protection concepts, new standards.

The 16th Lithium Battery Conference will highlight all aspects of lithium battery logistics - from "birth" to the end. Practical seminars accompany the conference, evening events deepen the opportunities for exchange.

16th Lithium Battery Conference

As the world's leading manufacturer of safety cabinets according to European Standard EN 14470-1/-2, asecos is represented as an exhibitor with the ION-LINE safety cabinet!

  • The asecos ION-LINE safety cabinets are suitable for active and passive storage of lithium-ion batteries and have a fire resistance of 90 minutes (type 90) - fire protection from the outside to the inside. In addition, all ION-LINE models provide over 90 minutes of fire resistance when exposed to fire from the inside out.
  • The BATTERY CHARGE PRO and BATTERY STORE PRO models also feature a high-quality 3-stage warning/fire suppression system inside the cabinet (plug-in version): Any fire starting in the cabinet is detected immediately - this provides even greater safety when storing and charging lithium-ion batteries.
  asecos: ION-LINE Safety storage cabinet

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