22.08.2022 - 26.08.2022 | Frankfurt am Main | Germany

Booth: A78 / Hall 4.1

ACHEMA is the place for people with ambition. 150,000 participants from 150 countries who want to make a difference in the process industry and take their business to a new level come to ACHEMA. Nowhere else can you experience pioneering technology and global networking as comprehensively as here - up close and with all your senses.


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Achema 2022

World novelty at the ACHEMA 2022 at asecos.

Come to our booth A78 | hall 4.1!

Experience the future of hazardous materials storage in the laboratory at ACHEMA 2022 in Frankfurt in the form of the new Type 90 Multirisk Safety Cabinet V-CLASSIC-90, which enables space-saving storage of flammable liquids, acids and alkalis as well as poisons directly at the workplace with maximum fire protection. This is ensured by a completely new cabinet design and an integrated, efficient ventilation system. 


As the world's leading manufacturer of safety cabinets in accordance with European standard EN 14470-1/-2, asecos will be represented as an exhibitor at ACHEMA 2022 with the following products:

  • asecos air purifiers - For healthy indoor air!
    • Air purifiers are generally not able to replace a fresh air supply. But with the air purifiers from asecos you complete your hygiene concept in case of a lack of fresh air supply and offer a healthy room atmosphere even in the winter months.
  • Store and charge lithium-ion batteries safely with the asecos ION-LINE
    • The asecos ION-LINE safety cabinets are suitable for active and passive storage of lithium-ion batteries and have a fire resistance of 90 minutes (type 90) - fire protection from the outside to the inside. In addition, all models of the ION-LINE offer over 90 minutes fire resistance when exposed to fire from the inside to the outside.
  • asecos GAP-LINE: Workplaces for hazardous substances
    • Hazardous substance workplaces with fresh air curtains for safe working with hazardous substances, available in various designs for a wide range of applications.
  • asecos G-LINE: Safe storage of pressurised gas cylinders
    • The GS-tested safety cabinets of the asecos G-LINE offer safe storage of pressurised gas cylinders in accordance with regulations in workrooms in accordance with DIN EN 14470-2 with a type-tested fire resistance of 90 or 30 minutes (type 90/type 30).
  • asecos UB-LINE: The perfect safety cabinet under the fume cupboard
    • The underfloor cupboards of the UB-LINE are approved for the safe storage of flammable hazardous substances with a fire resistance of 90 minutes (type 90) or 30 minutes (type 30) in workrooms in accordance with regulations. 
asecos air purifiers
 asecos ION-LINE
 asecos GAP-LINE and UB-LINE

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