asecos ION-LINE: Safe solutions for active and passive storage of lithium batteries

2 LITHIUM -ION BATTERIES – NOT AS HARMLESS AS THEY SEEM Lithium-ion batteries are very powerful energy storage solutions, and are being used more and more in tools, gardening equipment and vehicles – especially bicycles – and many other applications thanks to their compact design. As practical and eƒcient as this battery technology is, and as harmless as it seems to use, it does harbour safety risks that shouldn’t be underestimated. In particular, lithium-ion batteries pose an increased risk of fire and bursting. thanks to their very high energy density, they can spontaneously combust or become unstable in certain circumstances, and can explode if heated. Technical expertise — Lithium-ion batteries CONCLUSION The risk of a fire increases when lithium-ion batteries are left unattended to charge!