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asecos – the global experts in hazardous materials storage and handling

The Global Leader in the manufacture of EN 14470-1/ -2 compliant and type tested safety storage cabinets
Our goal is the safe storage and handling of hazardous substances in our day-to-day working life. To ensure all-round protection, our product portfolio includes the following categories: hazardous materials storage in the workplace; extraction and filter systems; hazardous materials handling in outdoor areas; protection of non-smokers; maintenance and service solutions for all sectors. asecos is certified to EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 14001.
Safety storage cabinets are our prime focus: We offer the appropriate fire resistant cabinet across a range of sectors such as pharmaceutical, academia, industrial and agricultural, providing safe and legally compliant storage. All products in our range of flammable storage cabinets are also GS-tested and guarantee compliance with the requirements of EN 14470-1/-2 and EN 16121/16122.

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  • A hazardous substances workstation with recirculating air filter system

    In practice: Hazardous substances workstation with recirculating air filter system at Aloys F. Dornbracht GmbH & Co. KG in Iserlohn

    The hazardous materials workstation at Aloys F. Dornbracht GmbH & Co. KG makes a significant contribution to a future-proof, modular production facility.

    "No off-the-shelf production equipment or device fits this," as Sonja Tonat emphasizes - and asecos met the high demands of the quality manufacturer with speed, accessibility and implementation in line with requirements. For example, breaking through the hall ceiling had to be strictly avoided: This was solved by a special design of the hazardous materials workstation, which can be moved freely in the room.

  • Hazardous materials workstation for restoration with solvents

    In practice: Hazardous materials workstation for restoration with solvents in the municipal archive of the city of Bochum

    For the restoration of various documents, different solvents are used in the Bochum Municipal Archives. For better and safer working the city archive has now purchased an asecos hazardous materials workstation. 

    Before the GAP was purchased, restoration with chemicals could only be done outdoors. Restorer Günter Reimann can't even imagine the time before the GAP - because there are endless activities that involve chemicals that are hazardous to health. Without extraction, dangerous gas-air mixtures that are highly flammable and can even damage the brain would remain in the room for a long time. Thus, the hazardous materials workplace promotes the health of Bochum's restorers.

    Günter Reimann, Restorer

  • Working safely at a hazardous materials workplace

    In practice: Hazardous materials workplace for cleaning work with flammable liquids at Canberra Semiconductor in Olen (Belgium)

    CANBERRA develops, produces and sells radiation measurement technology worldwide. This measurement technology is used for environmental analysis and is used to monitor safety in nuclear power plants and public places as well as for radiochemical applications.

    With the installation of hazardous materials workstations, employees in Canberra's manufacturing department can perform semiconductor cleaning protected from the fumes without being obstructed by source extraction and protective screens.

    "Both bio-monitoring and occupational hygiene measurements have demonstrated that employee exposure is below the action level, which is 10 percent of the limit applicable in Belgium. Working conditions have improved noticeably."

    Steven Majewski, Quality, Safety & Environmental Manager

  • Hazardous substances workstation in use at Landsberg am Lech Prison

    In practice: Hazardous materials workstation with under-cabinet for the examination of water samples at Landsberg am Lech Prison

    The correctional facility is equipped with a so-called boiler house, from which the heating system and service water heating and the kitchen are operated by means of four large steam boilers. Prison employees regularly take water samples from the boilers and test the hardness of the water, among other things. Hazardous chemicals are used for other measurements, which is why the use of a hazardous materials workstation with constant extraction of the harmful vapors is important.

    "Now we have a compact solution that is very well matched to all our requirements: a hazardous materials workstation that reliably extracts all vapors - and there is adequate lighting, sufficient power outlets, and cold and hot water connections."

    Martin B., Central Heating and Ventilation Manufacturer

  • Q-LINE safety cabinets for rent in use

    In practice: Q-LINE safety cabinets for rent at PolyOne Th. Bergmann GmbH, Gaggenau plant

    At PolyOne's Innovation Center, experts experiment with new plastic highlights for the market. The 360° rental concept from asecos for the storage of flammable hazardous substances, which is also unique on the market, is also suitable for this purpose. The flexibility as well as the reliable automatically scheduled service convinced to rent a safety cabinet.

    "The cooperation runs smoothly and, after all, the type and duration of use can only be inaccurately estimated beforehand."

    Christian Busch, Occupational Safety and Security Manager

  • Hazardous materials workstation for bonding, potting and cleaning

    In practice: Hazardous materials workstation at Endress+Hauser Flowtec AG

    Measurement experts at Endress+Hauser need the hazardous materials workstation from asecos for the production of products for measuring the flow of liquids, gases and steam. The employees are pleased with the positive change since using the hazardous materials workstation: the odor nuisance decreased significantly. 

    "In terms of price, the purchase was also an interesting alternative to a conventional fume hood," says Andreas Suter, who also praises the cooperation with the asecos technicians as well as the comprehensive 24-hour service that asecos offers in the event of necessary spare parts or repairs.

    Andreas Suter, Mechanical Engineer

  • Hazardous material workstation with base cabinet

    In practice: Hazardous material workstation with base cabinet and front panel for preparing tissue samples in the pathology department of Klinikum Fulda gAG

    For the preparation of tissue samples and the storage of hazardous substances such as xylene and formalin, the pathology department at Klinikum Fulda has decided to use hazardous substance workstations and cabinets from asecos. Prof. Arps praises in particular the technically sophisticated fresh air management, the high fire protection (F 90) and the practical folding doors.  

    All in all, he says, they now have not only highly effective employee protection, but a "highly secure, modular, maintenance- and operation-safe overall system."

    Prof. Arps, Klinikum Fulda

  • Safe storage of flammable paints and solvents for sign making

    In practice: Q-LINE safety cabinets at Ernst Wenzelmann Schilderfabrik GmbH

    The manufacturer of signs uses safety storage cabinets type 90 from asecos for the storage of flammable paints and solvents. Amongst other things, the sign-making factory decided on the asecos cabinets because they are freely movable:

    “We then only need a lifting cart to move the asecos hazardous material cabinets. They can be very easily connected to our central extraction system at any other location in the room by means of a spiral duct. This saves us a great deal of effort and also the approval procedures that would become necessary for building a new paint room.”

    Ernst Ludwig Wenzelmann, Managing Director

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White paper: Storage and charging lithium-ion batteries safely!

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