Disposal container

Flame-extinguishing waste containers ensure the safe disposal of oil-smeared rags or other flammable waste. The containers are designed to prevent fires from starting in the first place.

asecos Overview Disposal container

Disposal bins made of sheet steel, stainless steel or PE

  • Safe collection of solvent-soaked cleaning rags and other waste
  • Reduce vapor leakage to a minimum
  • Safe opening thanks to large pedal with non-slip surface
  • FM Certified

Disposal container made of stainless steel

  • Reduce escaping vapours to a minimum
  • Lid opened with foot pedal, serial selfclosing lid

Safety floor-standing ashtray

  • Made of robust, weatherproof polyethylene
  • Cigarettes that have been thrown in expire briefl y because the narrow slot minimizes the supply of oxygen
  • Low center of gravity guarantees high stability

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