Dispensing cans and canisters

Storage and dosing often go hand in hand or are carried out one after the other. Corresponding storage containers and dosing containers offer the possibility of both and are available in many variants.

Dispensing cans and canister from sheet steel, stainless steel or PE

Dispensing cans and canister made of steel, stainless steel or PE

  • Made of galvanised steel with additional signal yellow coating, stainless steel or PE
  • Plastic protective ring eliminates the risk of damaging the robust can body (steel and stainless steel versions only)
  • Integrated removable flame guard (steel and stainless steel versions only)
  • Incl. classification labels with danger symbols and warning notes
  • Easy-motion fine dosing tap made of stainless steel (1.4301) incl. ventilation and PTFE seal
  • Fine dosing tap can be redated through 360°

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