Cleaning containers

Cleaning containers for parts cleaning are immersion tanks or containers for soaking and rinsing dirty workpieces.

Cleaning containers

Cleaning containers made of sheet steel, stainless steel or PE

Small parts cleaning basket made of stainless steel

  • When closing the lid the immersion sieve is pressed down, pushing the parts to be cleaned into the cleaning fluids
  • Clamps keep the lid closed

Cleaning and immersion container made of stainless steel

  • High resistance even to aggressive cleaning fluids
  • Small parts basket available optionally

Dip tank

  • Stainless steel lid and basin
  • Sheet steel base frame as liquid-tight drip sump
  • Dispensing tap made from brass at the basin bottom
  • The lid is opened by pressing the foot pedal

Plunger can

  • For safely moistening cleaning rags and sponges

Spray cans

  • Economical and controlled spraying of surfaces and parts to be cleaned

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