Sealing mats and barrier boundaries

With the aid of liquid barriers in the event of leaks, liquid hazardous substances are prevented from escaping from buildings into the open air or inside buildings into other areas. In the event of an alarm, they can be quickly installed in doors, gates and passageways and are also suitable for protection against floods and firefighting water. The signal colors make the liquid barriers easy to recognize.

 Sealing mats, barrier boundaries

Flexible sealant mat – rapid protection in case of leaking liquids

  • Prevents in case of fire or emergency a contamination of the surroundings with waterpollutant liquids
  • Incl. protection film with integral handles
  • Resistant to water, hydrocarbons and most chemicals
  • The extremely dense, flexible material adhering to the underside adapts perfectly to the nature of the ground
  • Can be used several times


Flexible separation barrier – rapid protection in case of leaking liquids

  • Stick to ground and protects the environment from escaping liquids (e.g. for drains)
  • Consists of a special plastic mixture
  • Resistant to water, hydrocarbon and most chemicals
  • Reusable (can be washed with soapy water or detoxicated)
  • For all smooth substrates

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