Hazmat stores without fire protection

Plenty of space for waterpollutants

Hazardous material storage is as diverse as the hazardous substance itself. Storage capacity, type of container, storage medium, storage location: These are only the most important parameters that influence the correct equipment of a hazardous materials storage facility. Other factors such as fire and frost protection can also be of importance.

On the following pages we will show you the different possibilities for storing hazardous substances. For an quick initial overview of the variety of models and their application and storage possibilities.

 asecos Hazmat stores without fire protection
 asecos Hazmat stores without fire protection

Model overview

  • SC
    • Storage containers with shelving for IBCs and 205 litre drums
    • Perfect fit with a wide range of variants
    • Compact store for installation near production
    • Storage capacity: For up to 8 drums or 2 IBCs
  • MCV
    • Walk-in hazardous materials store with multiple equipment options
    • Storage capacity: approx. 5-17 m²
  • WHG
    • Walk-in hazardous materials store for small containers and individual drums
    • Storage capacity: approx. 2-15 m²

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