Gas cylinder transport and accessoires

The gas cylinder handling products increase safety when handling gas cylinders, transporting them in the company, lifting them or storing them.

Gas cylinder transport and accessoires

Gas cylinder wall brackets

  • Steel, galvanised incl. chains to secure the cylinders
  • For gas cylinders Ø 140, 230 and 320 mm
  • Made of polyethylene incl. belt
  • For gas cylinders Ø between 140 and 320 mm

Gas cylinder trolley

  • For the safe transportation of 1 gas cylinder (up to Ø 320 mm)
  • Includes a belt to secure the cylinder in place
  • Solid rubber wheels, wheel – Ø 200 mm
  • Load capacity: 80 kg

Polyethylene gas cylinder pallet

  • For up to 4 gas cylinders (diameter 230 mm)
  • Safe transport with fork lift truck
  • Incl. safety chain for additional attachment to fork lift truck
  • Load capacity 300 kg

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