Safety storage cabinets with recirculating air filter technology – for storing and filtering various hazardous materials

SAFETY AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL Flammable, toxic or environmentally hazardous substances, acids and bases: In our modern industrial world, the trend is moving towards the use of small quantities of hazardous materials, but the number of different chemicals is increasing steadily! This makes correct handling and storage of these materials vitally important as incorrect storage can cause problems such as: a build up of unpleasant odours; vapours that are harmful to health; corrosion damage to storage equipment from acids; lack of connection options for technical ventilation of safety storage cabinets; an almost unending demand to store small quantities of hazardous materials. The solution is provided by asecos’ recirculating air filter storage cabinets - a combined hazardous materials cabinet and recirculating air filter unit, with or without fire protection. With robust and corrosion resistant interior equipment, the cabinet is capable of joint storage of different chemicals. The recirculating air filter technology extracts dangerous vapours of any kind directly at the source ensuring filtration and the return of clean air to the installation room. 2  Permanent and supervised technical ventilation of the cabinets, no exposure of hazardous vapours to employees  Elimination of EX zones around the cabinet (when storing flammable liquids)  Avoid complex wall and ceiling openings and expensive exhaust air ducts  High flexibility when selecting the installation location - plug in solution The benefits at a glance