Weighing work station

Hazardous material work station for weighing and portioning of compounds.

Weighing workplace

Weighing work station

Weighing work stations with testing of the air equipment according to EN 14175-3 (5.4.4)

Function / construction:

  • robust construction made of chemically resistant, anodised aluminium profiles
  • weighed materials are not scattered by the fresh air curtain at the front
  • vibration-free facility for mounting the analytical scales on a granite block decoupled from the hazardous material work station
  • usable for analytical scales with a measuring range of up to 0,00001 g
  • highly effective capturing of hazardous materials inside the work station through special fresh air curtain technology
  • prepared for connection to the on-site exhaust air system and for electrical supply (230 V/50 Hz)

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