Recirculating air filter unit - for the safe and sustainable ventilation of flammable liquid storage cabinets

The technicologically transformed UFA.025.030 recirculating air filter unit from the UFA-LINE offers superb innovations providing more safety, comfort and sustainability when ventilating your flammable storage  cabinets.

Safety - The UFA.025.030 is fitted with an LED display panel, which provides detailed  information including a traffic light system indicating filter saturation, operating states and error messages. Full machined and finely calibrated sensors detect pollutant concentrations present in the exhaust air, they also measure the exhaust air flow volume accurately. In addition to the highly efficient activated carbon filter, filtering 99.999 percent of hazardous substances (hydrocarbons) a second activated carbon filter (secondary filter) now complements the unit. 

Comfort - The compact, plug-in air filter unit for tall  flammable safety cabinets (S-LINE, Q-LINE, V-LINE) under bench flammable safety cabinets (UB-LINE) and drum store flammable storage cabinets (XL-LINE) produces very little noise despites its multi-stage filter system and ideal for use in relatively quiet working environments where concentration on the task at hand is essential.

The UFA.025.030 recirculating air unit has also received a further improvement in terms of sustainability: the filter cassettes used inside the units are manufactured from robust plastic and can be reused many times.

► How exactly the ventilation of safety cabinets with the recirculating air filter attachment UFA.025.030 of the UFA-LINE works, you will learn in our video.

UFA Recirculating air filter systems

Recirculation filter unit UFA.025.030 with exhaust air monitoring

  • High flexibility in choosing the installation location
  • Active personal protection through safe capture of harmful vapours with retention in the filter system
  • Very low noise, only approx. 23 dB (A)
  • ATEX compliant: CE Ex II 3/-G Ex ic nA IIB T4 Gc
  • Housing made of sheet-steel powder-coated
  • With multi-stage filter system, secondary filter, connection cable and mains plug
  • Incl. monitoring electronics for exhaust air and filter monitoring and display for status and error indication
  • Key control panel for navigation of the functions and status query
  • Optical and acoustic alarm including potential-free alarm contact
  • Successfully tested by the certified testing institute infraserv höchst


// Technical data of recirculation filter unit UFA.025.030

Rated voltage:         Frequency:         Rated power:         Volume flow (mounted on cabinet):         External dimensions (WxDxH):         Weight (incl. filter):
85 -  265 V   50/60 Hz   8,5 W   > 10-fold/h   308 x 555 x 256 mm   17 kg


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