Driving directions and hotel overview

Attention! For navigation systems different addresses apply for visitors and deliveries:

  • Deliveries to factory no. 1: Leipziger Straße 41, 63584 Gründau / Germany
  • Deliveries to factory no. 2: Weiherfeldsiedlung 18, 63584 Gründau / Germany
  • Parking spaces for visitors in front of plant 1: Weiherfeldsiedlung 16, 63584 Gründau / Germany

Our warehouse in Gründau is opened for incoming and outgoing goods from:

  • Monday to Thursday: from 7:00 to 12:00 o'clock & from 13:00 to 15:00 o'clock
  • Friday: from 7:00 to 12:00 o'clock


How to reach us plus overview of hotels near asecos (PDF 1 MB)

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