Highly efficient extraction and filtering

The technology of smoke & talk air purifying systems

1. The technology of the smoking cabins

A technically proven smoke detection system operates in the smoking cabins from smoke & talk: By the finely perforated ceiling, tobacco smoke is captured across the board and immediately removed by the quiet and powerful exhaust air system. By means of the support beam technology, a fresh air curtain is created which retains the cigarette smoke in the entrance area and allows an open and friendly design of the cabin.

In addition, the ash disposal systems are connected to the technical extraction system - accumulated cigarette smoke cannot again escape from the ash container. Tobacco smoke and unpleasant odors are thus detected directly at the source from which they come. The ash disposal systems include a self-extinguishing function and effectively prevent fire hazards. A 5-stage filter system reliably retains the detected pollutants. The filtered, clean air is released back into the environment. Positive side effect: An air improvement for the whole space.

The smoking cabins from smoke & talk have stood for certified air purifying systems of the highest quality for many years. The ventilation components, filter and ashtray systems meet all relevant fire safety regulations and are state-of-the-art in safety technology. smoke & talk stands for 'Made in Germany' product quality and longevity.

A 5-stage filter system reliably retains the detected pollutants:

  • 1. Stage: Pre-filter ISO Coarse 60% in accordance with ISO 16890 (formerly G4 in accordance with EN779), filters particles larger than 0.01 mm (hair, pollen, etc.).
  • 2. Stage: Fine dust filter ISO ePM1 70% in accordance with ISO 16890 (formerly F7 in accordance with EN779), filters particles larger than 0.001 mm (ash, bacteria, tobacco smoke and viruses etc.).
  • 3. Stage: HEPA filter H14 in accordance with EN1822 filters particles between 0.0001 mm and 0.0003 mm. Efficiency 99,995 MPPS (most penetrating particle size).
  • 4. Stage: Activated carbon filter for filtering gases, vapors and odors (TVOC, CO, CO2).
  • 5. Stage: Special filter made from natural products, filters and adsorbs formaldehyde in the outlet section.

The effectiveness of the smoking cabins is tested and certified according to the principles for testing and certification of non-smoker protection systems GS-IFI-M14.

With the use of an I.F.I. tested smoking cabin § 5 of the Workplaces Ordinance (non-smoker protection) is complied within a legally safe manner.

Functioning of a smoking cabin

Functioning of a smoking cabin

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2. The technology of air cleaners

PURIFIAIR air purifier series: The air purifiers of the PURIFIAIR series convince with their multi-component filter system in a compact and attractive design.

With their multi-component filter units consisting of EPA, HEPA and activated carbon filters, the model PURIFIAIR.620, depending on the model, contribute extremely quietly to the reduction of virus and pollutant contamination in indoor spaces. The particle concentration in the room air can be quickly detected and read thanks to the colour display.


Air cleaner series AirOne: Due to its height and diameter, the design of AirOne enables an ideal interplay of filter surfaces and flow velocities, thus guaranteeing optimum retention of the pollutants on the filter medium.

The AirOne air cleaner from asecos has a five-stage filter system with coarse filter, fine filter, HEPA filter, activated carbon and formaldehyde trap. Filter stages 1 to 3 extract all particulate pollutants from the air, while stage 4 filters all gaseous pollutants and odors. The fifth filter level eventually eliminates harmful aldehydes. Air contaminated with pollutants is cleaned by AirOne and slowly released back into the space as clean air in the lower part.


Air cleaner series XXL: The air cleaner in XXL format also has a five-stage filter system, which is also installed in the smoke & talk smoking cabins.

Due to its very large filter package, the air cleaner XXL is especially powerful and has a high filter life.

Functioning of the air purifier PURIFIAIR

Functioning of the air purifier PURIFIAIR

Functioning of the AirOne air purifier

Functioning of the AirOne air purifier

Functioning of the XXL air purifier

Functioning of the XXL air purifier

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