Smoking cabins model overview: Clean air - for smokers and non-smokers

Which smoking cabin do you need?

Here you can find basic information on product orientation in the area of smoke & talk - the perfect solution for technical non-smoker protection.

The broad product portfolio of our certified smoking cabins allows the setting up in any area of application or location: Companies, administrative bodies, meeting rooms, canteens, common areas, meeting points, production and logistic areas, corporate events, fairs, events, concerts, various events with large traffic of people, catering, cultural and leisure facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, outdoor area, etc.

Quality products - Made in Germany: All smoke & talk models are particularly stable and consist of a vandalism-proof design. The development and production of the smoke & talk product solutions for air purifying lies in competent hands: asecos is certified in accordance with Quality management system ISO 9001:2015 as well as Environmental management system DIN EN ISO 14001:2009.

In the following overview, you can quickly find the smoking cabin models that are suitable for your needs:

  • DESIGN LINE smoking cabins

    DESIGN LINE smoking cabins
    DESIGN LINE smoking cabins
    • The design variants among the smoke & talk smoking cabins: The thousandfold proven technology in a new look.
    • Optimized energy efficiency according to the latest state-of-the-art.
    • Numerous functional innovations such as comfortable seat cushions, laser light marking on the floor, glass edge lighting and functional rail system increase the use and comfort of the smoking cabins.
    • Model dimensions and variants: From 4 person up to the XXL space solution.
    • Harmonious integration into every interior thanks to its timeless design as well as diverse design and equipment options.


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  • ECONOMY LINE smoking cabins

    ECONOMY LINE smoking cabins
    ECONOMY LINE smoking cabins

    The economical solution of the smoke & talk models:

    • Proven technology and simple, restrained visuals at an attractive price.
    • The ECONOMY LINE is the ideal solution when it comes to making a functional, commercial area smoke-free (such as production and logistics areas).
    • The rear panel and the technical part of the ECONOMY LINE are easy to clean due to their surface finish.
    • Integrated leveling feet enable an easy cabin installation even on uneven ground.


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  • INDIVIDUAL LINE smoking cabins

     INDIVIDUAL LINE smoking cabins
     INDIVIDUAL LINE smoking cabins
    • Intelligent solutions for individual requirements: The INDIVIDUAL LINE smoking cabins are supplemented by the following features (also available in combination) based on the DESIGN LINE models: Fire load neutrality and / or accessibility.
    • The cabins can create technical non-smoking protection, for instance, in transit areas, in nursing homes, in hospitals and other public facilities.
    • The fire-load-neutral variant is ideal if fire protection sensitive areas are to be equipped.
    • Unobstructed access to the smoking cabin is made possible by the barrier-free smoking cabin.



  • EVENT LINE smoking cabins

     EVENT LINE smoking cabins
     EVENT LINE smoking cabins
    • The mobile alternative for classic smoking spaces: Specially developed and certified for events, construction made of high-quality materials from the event construction sector.
    • Adapted to the requirements of events, for example, trade fairs, corporate events, concerts and various events with large traffic of people.
    • A 230V power connection is sufficient for the connection of the cabin.
    • Simpler as well as faster construction and dismantling: Easy installation of panel elements made of anodized aluminum profiles.
    • Can be set variously.


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  • HORECA LINE smoking cabins

     HORECA LINE smoking cabins
     HORECA LINE smoking cabins
    • With glass front closure - like a separate smoking space.
    • Ideal, for example, for catering, cultural and leisure facilities.
    • Thanks to the large selection of colors and decoration as well as the possibility of customized designs, numerous design variants of the rear panel and the technical part are available.
    • For maximum visual transparency, the cabin is also available with a glass rear panel.
    • Model for 4, 6, 8 or 12 people or as a large-space solution (HORECA LINE XXL) in different sizes.


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    A compact summary of the models is available for you to download for product orientation:

    Product overview smoke & talk (PDF 2 MB)

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