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From air purifiers to smoking cabins - breathe easy with us!

From the area of hazardous substance storage, asecos also quickly developed extensive expertise in the area of hazardous substance collection and filtration. Today, high-performance systems for the extraction and filtration of air contaminated with hazardous substances or pathogens complement the asecos safety cabinet range. 

Create unpolluted room air! Whatever we do in life - we often do it in poor indoor air. This has negative effects on our health and impairs our performance and well-being.
We believe that everyone has the right to breathe uncontaminated indoor air. This passion for clean air gave us the impetus to develop efficient air purification systems - which help to noticeably improve the air in your indoor spaces. With sophisticated technologies that stand for quality, good value for money, high customer benefit and sustainability.

Create an indoor air hygiene environment for yourself!

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  • Air purifiers

    You will achieve the best result with the use of air purifiers if the number of devices and their installation location are chosen strategically - the larger the room to be cleaned, the more air purifiers or more powerful devices should be used. However, a more powerful air purifier can also be useful for smaller rooms: The unit runs at a lower power level, which noticeably reduces power consumption and operating noise.

    Air purifiers are generally not able to replace a fresh air supply. But with air purifiers from asecos, you can complete your hygiene concept in the event of a lack of fresh air supply and offer a healthy room atmosphere even in the winter months.
    See for yourself!


    Model PURIFIAIR.620

    Model AirOne

    Model XXL

  • Smoking cabins

    Especially in areas where the interests of smokers and non-smokers meet, for example in common areas, modern non-smoker protection systems from smoke & talk can make a significant contribution to indoor air hygiene as well as socially acceptable coexistence.

    Not only that - because smoke & talk offers non-smoker protection without compromise: Smokers can spend their cigarette break in the cabin. There, the tobacco-contaminated room air is cleaned by highly efficient extraction and filtering technology and released into the installation room accordingly. This means: no health risk for non-smokers. Discover our different smoking cabin models for numerous applications:

    Overview of smoking cabins - Overview of all smoking cabins

    Model DESIGN LINE - Proven technology with modern design

    Model DESIGN LINE XXL - the XXL large-volume solution

    Model ECONOMY LINE - the economical solution for smoking areas

    Model INDIVIDUAL LINE - the cabin for special requirements

    Model EVENT LINE - the mobile version for events

    Model HORECA LINE - Ideal solution for the gastronomy

    Model OUTDOOR LINE - Outdoor smoking shelters


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