Air purifier PURIFIAIR series: Compact and stylish design

Is there no adequate supply of fresh air in your indoor areas?

The air purifiers of the PURIFIAIR series from asecos contribute optimally to the reduction of indoor pollution with their multi-component filter unit. Thanks to its combination of pre-filters, combi-filters and HEPA filter H14 in accordance with DIN EN 1822, the PURIFIAIR.620 air purifier with dual intake even safely captures SARS-CoV-2 viruses.

In addition, the two models PURIFIAIR.620 and PURIFIAIR.488 eliminate mould spores, pollen and allergens, germs and bacteria, fine dust and harmful gases as well as unpleasant odours. 

Complete your hygiene concept with the air purifiers of the PURIFIAIR series.
Benefit from our flexible, low-maintenance solution that generates low usage costs due to long filter service lives and low energy requirements.

► Our PURIFIAIR.620 air purifier has been independently tested for performance by the I.F.I. Institut für Industrieaerodynamik GmbH. You can find the test report here.

 asecos air purifier PURIFIAIR.620

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 asecos air purifier PURIFIAR.620

Filter Technology of the PURIFIAIR.620:

  • Metal mesh pre-filter
    (for separating coarse dust)
  • G4 pre-filter
    (for separating pollen, spores, fibres, hairs, insects, etc.)
  • Combi filter with an efficiency > 85%
    (to separate bacteria, germs, etc.)
  • HEPA filter, filter class H14 in accordance with EN 1822
    (to separate micro and nanoparticles with an efficiency of up to 99.995 %)
  • Activated carbon filter
    (adsorbs unpleasant odours and gaseous pollutants)

An electronic display informs the user when the Filter needs to be replaced.


Recommended Retail Price: 
Model: PURIFIAIR.620 = 979,00 £ (RRP)
Model: PURIFIAIR.488 = 589,00 £ (RRP)

// Technical data of air purifier PURIFIAIR.620

Nominal voltage:              Rated frequency:         Rated power:         CADR:               Product dimensions (WxDxH):         Net weight:
220 -  240 V   50/60 Hz   5,5 W - 40 W   620 m³/h   400 x 400 x 669 mm   14 kg


Noise level         Ideal conditions:         Real conditions:
    26 - 48 dB (A)   28 - 51 dB (A)


Picture gallery air purifier PURIFIAIR series

  • asecos air purifier PURIFIAIR.620 in the meeting room

    PURIFIAIR air purifiers significantly reduce pollution in indoor areas.

  • asecos air purifier PURIFIAIR.620 display

    The colour display of the PURIFIAIR.620 allows users to read off the particle concentration in the indoor atmosphere.

  • asecos air purifier PURIFIAIR.620 in the canteen

    PURIFIAIR air purifiers can be used easily and flexibly in different areas of the building.

  • asecos air purifier PURIFIAIR.488 with integrated humidification.

    The integrated humidification of the PURIFIAIR.488 ensures a healthy and comfortable indoor climate.

  • asecos air purifier PURIFIAIR.488 display

    PURIFIAIR air purifiers stand out for design and ensure a long service life.

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