References - asecos products in practice

Prime focus on the customer

Satisfied customers are the best reference. Below you will find a small excerpt from the list of companies that place their trust in the protection provided by asecos products.

  • Ernst Wenzelmann Schilderfabrik GmbH

    The manufacturer of signs uses safety storage cabinets type 90 from asecos for the storage of flammable paints and solvents. Amongst other things, the sign-making factory decided on the asecos cabinets because they are freely movable:

    “We then only need a lifting cart to move the asecos hazardous material cabinets. They can be very easily connected to our central extraction system at any other location in the room by means of a spiral duct. This saves us a great deal of effort and also the approval procedures that would become necessary for building a new paint room”, Ernst Ludwig Wenzelmann explains.

    Ernst Ludwig Wenzelmann, Managing Director

  • Eurest Deutschland GmbH - Smoking cabin st.328

    Eurest Deutschland GmbH

    Experience report from project manager Egon Droll, smoking cabins st.328 in the company catering: 

    "The open smoking opportunity is the ideal solution for us. Our smoking guests are happy to use them. Since you do not smell and hear nothing from the system, the non-smokers are still satisfied. The integrated ash trays can be easily cleaned in a dishwasher. The handling is very simple for our staff."

  • Klinikum Fulda gAG, Pathology

    The pathological department of the Klinikum Fulda has decided on the use of asecos hazardous material work stations and hazardous material cabinets for the preparation of tissue samples and for the storage of hazardous material such as xylene and formalin, for example. Prof. Arps particularly praises the technically sophisticated fresh air management, the high level of fire protection (F 90) and the practical folding doors.

    All in all we now not only have a highly efficient employee protection system, but also a “high-security, modular overall system that is safe for maintenance and operation”, Prof. Arps explains.

    Prof. Arps, Klinikum Fulda

  • Hannover Airport - Smoking cabins st.328 as a service for passengers and employees

     Hannover Airport

    Following the successful installation of the smoke & talk cabins, more and more smoking cabins st.328 have been gradually installed at Hannover Airport, among other things in the baggage handling. The airport in North Rhine-Westphalia offers the possibility of smoking to its smoking guests and employees with 14 cabins.

  • Endress+Hauser Flowtec AG

    Measuring experts from Endress+Hauser require the asecos hazardous material work station to manufacture products for the flow rate measurement of fluids, gases and vapours. The employees are pleased with the positive change since the use of the hazardous material work station: the unpleasant smell was considerably reduced.

    "And as far as the price is concerned, the purchase was an interesting alternative to a conventional extraction system", says Andreas Suter, who also praises the cooperation with the asecos technicians and the comprehensive 24-hour service that asecos offers for spare parts or repairs.

    Andreas Suter, Mechanical Engineer

  • DVB Bank SE - Smoking cabin st.328 in the business-bistro area

     DVB Bank SE

    "The open design has made the smoking cabin a place of communication between smokers and nonsmokers."

  • PolyOne Corporation, Gaggenau branch

    At the Innovation Center of PolyOne, the experts are experimenting on new plastic highlights for the market. The also unique 360° rental concept from asecos for the storage of flammable hazardous materials is deal for this purpose. The flexibility and reliable automatically scheduled service convinced us to hire a safety storage cabinet.

    “This cooperation is running smoothly, and finally, the type and duration of use can only be roughly estimated in advance", states Christian Busch.

    Christian Busch, Occupational Safety and Security Manager

  • Station lounge of Halle (Saale) - Smoking cabin st.328

     Station lounge of Halle (Saale)

    Bernhard Maaßen, Managing Director, about small smoke & talk – Salon: 

    “The acceptance on the part of guests is very high. Some take in chairs and stay longer after having smoked the cigarette. Service staff are spoken to about the beautiful solution by the enthusiastic guests. The open concept has been convincing - no one has to go out to smoke or has to be sent to an adjacent room.“

  • Landsberg am Lech Prison

    Employees at the prison only perform examination of water samples at the asecos hazardous material work station:

    "We now have a compact solution ideally tailored to all our needs: A hazardous material work station that reliably extracts all vapours – and there is sufficient lighting, enough sockets, cold and hot water connection", Martin B. praises.

    Martin B., Central Heating and Ventilation Manufacturer

  • Galeria Kaufhof Trier - smoking cabin st.328 in the canteen area

     Galeria Kaufhof Trier

    Experience report, smoking cabin st.328 in "Galeria Kaufhof” shopping center:

    "Already during the 3-month smoke & talk test phase, smokers and non-smokers were quickly enthusiastic about the smoking cabin. Since then, the smoking cabin has become indispensable in the canteen environment."

  • Canberra Semiconductors

    CANBERRA develops, produces and sells radiation measurement technology worldwide. The company has installed asecos hazardous material work stations for cleaning work with flammable liquids.

    "Not only the bio-monitoring, but also the occupational hygiene measurements were able to prove that the exposure to which the employees are subjected is below the value requiring action, i.e. 10 percent of the limit value applicable in Belgium. Working conditions have noticeably improved", says Steven Majewski looking back on the project with satisfaction.

    Steven Majewski, Quality, Safety & Environmental Manager

  • Espressobar Segafredo Hamburg - smoking cabin st.328 in the catering trade

     Espressobar Segafredo Hamburg

    Experience report, smoking cabin st.328:

    "The smoke & talk smoking cabin has proven itself so well to the cafe owner that he plans to set up an asecos smoking cabin in his other cafes as well. He no longer needs to have any doubts about the conformity with the law after the positive feedback of the authorities."

  • Segafredo Café in Elbe Shopping Centre

     Segafredo Café

    Experience report:

    "This is already the second smoking cabin that the cafe owner, Mr. Schulz, has set up in his cafes. He is very satisfied with smoke & talk smoking cabins."

  • Municipal Archive Bochum

    The municipal archive Bochum acquired an asecos hazardous material work station for restoration work requiring the use of solvents.

    Restorer Günter Reimann does not like to look back on the time before the acquisition of the hazardous material work station – because there is so much work that involves the use of chemicals posing a potential health risk. Without the extraction system, highly-flammable dangerous gas-air mixtures that can even damage the brain would possibly remain in the room for a long time. So the hazardous material work station also protects the health of the restorers in Bochum.

    Günter Reimann, Restorer

  • Aloys F. Dornbracht GmbH & Co. KG

    The hazardous material work station at the Dornbracht company makes a substantial contribution to a future-oriented and modular production facility.

    “There is no off-the-shelf production equipment or device for this”, as Sonja Tonat emphasizes – and asecos fulfilled the high demands of the quality manufacturer with regard to promptness, availability and requirement-oriented implementation. Breaking through the hall ceiling was to be strictly avoided, for example: This was solved by a specially designed hazardous material work station that can be freely moved within the room.

    Sonja Tonat, Master Craftswoman in the Galvanizing Trade

  • Steigenberger Hotel - AirOne air purifier in the hotel industry

     Steigenberger Hotel

    Experience report:

    "The smoker's lounge with the Asecos AirOne air cleaners is positively accepted by the hotel guests. The air cleaners fit perfectly with the overall ambience of the lobby."

  • Further references:

    • Airbus Deutschland GmbH
    • Alfred-Wegener-Institut für Polar- u. Meeresforschung
    • Apollinaris & Schweppes GmbH
    • Audi AG
    • Aventis Pharma Deutschland GmbH
    • BASF Se, Ludwigshafen
    • Bauknecht Hausgeräte GmbH
    • Bayer AG, Leverkusen
    • Bayerischer Rundfunk AöR
    • BMW AG
    • Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG
    • Bombardier Transportation GmbH
    • Bosch Rexroth AG
    • Bundeskriminalamt Wiesbaden
    • Bundeswehr (Wehrbereichsverwaltungen, diverse Standorte)
    • Charité Campus Benjamin Franklin Berlin
    • Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel
    • Clariant Vertrieb (Deutschland) GmbH & Co. KG
    • Coca-Cola Erfrischungsgetränke AG
    • Continental AG
    • Daimler AG
    • DB Netz AG
    • Deutsche Post AG
    • Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum Heidelberg
    • Dr. Oetker Tiefkühlprodukte GmbH
    • E.ON Kernkraft GmbH
    • Evonik Degussa GmbH
    • Ford Werke AG
    • Fraunhofer Institute
    • Henkel AG & Co. KGaA
    • HiPP GmbH & Co. Vertrieb KG
    • Lufthansa Technik AG
    • Max-Planck-Institute
    • Novartis Pharma AG
    • Opel AG
    • Philipps-Universität Marburg
    • Pirelli Deutschland GmbH
    • Porsche AG
    • Robert Bosch AG
    • Roche Deutschland Holding GmbH
    • RWE Power AG
    • Sony Deutschland GmbH
    • Technische Universität Chemnitz
    • Tetra Pak GmbH
    • Volkswagen AG
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