Working at asecos

Employees with commitment and dedication - the basis of our company's success

Dynamic, creativity, innovation

Our company structure is characterized with open dialogue, respect for each other and clear goals.

A modern working environment and versatile development opportunities for the basis for maintaining and increasing staff know-how.

The recruitment of trainees and executive staff from within the ranks and the training of young people is seen as a must at asecos. Flexible working time arrangements ensure the coordination of family, leisure time and profession.

We stand for fairness and adherence to the social minimum standards.

Work and social standards as well as the contemporary arrangement of workplaces, appropriate remuneration, equal opportunities on the job, observance of industrial safety and health protection regulations are of utmost importance to us.

Our employees deal with colleagues, business partners and customers in a respectful and legally compliant all over the world. These self-obligations of course also influence our business conditions. We assume the adherence of our partners and suppliers to fair working conditions as the basis for social responsibility.

By means of regular audits performed by our employees, we convince ourselves that these standards are adhered to along the entire supply chain.

asecos - an economically strong and reliable partner.

Stable economic relationships form the basic principle of assuming the versatile responsibility of the company for many years. In the long term we offer secure jobs and will always remain a predictable and reliable partner for our customers and suppliers.



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