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Founded in April 1994 by joint Managing Directors Günther Rossdeutscher and Michael Schrems, we have become the global leader in the field of EN 14470 part one and part two tested safety cabinets for the safe storage of hazardous substances.

From the beginning, we caused a revolution in the industry: we developed the world's first safety cabinet with 90 minutes fire resistance. This paved the way for a new era in hazardous materials storage – providing decentralised storage close to the workplace. What may sound like a small step at first had huge impact: Storage in a cabinet at the point of use is much more convenient and considerably more practical than just a central storage room. It provides better security of the materials, convenient supply for users and processes.

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Today, the company premises at our headquarters in Gründau (Hesse, Germany) covers around 40,000 m². From there, we deliver to more than 80 countries worldwide. "Early on, we experienced increasing demand from Europe as well," explains Günther Rossdeutscher. "Thus, the subsidiary in the Netherlands was established in the founding year. This was followed by subsidiaries in France, Spain, United Kingdom, USA, Switzerland and Sweden from 2000 onwards." All asecos products are "Made in Gründau" and keeping the production site in Germany is a core concern for us.

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Trends with system

Our new product developments since we were founded have often set trends in the market and these have helped to improve safety in a practical way: One-handed operation of safety cabinets, recirculating air filter attachments for the filtration of hazardous substances or currently the ION-LINE for safe handling of lithium-ion batteries.
This drive to further advance safety still determines the company's policy today: "The passion for our products and the tireless urge to create something new constantly drives us to develop needs-oriented solutions for our customers," states Michael Schrems. Our success is built on the commitment and dedication of our committed and motivated employees.

We stand for fairness and the observance of social standards.
Labour and social standards such as the modern design of workplaces, appropriate remuneration, equal opportunities in the workplace, and attention to occupational safety and health protection are our highest priority. 
Our employees worldwide treat colleagues, business partners and customers with respect and in compliance with the law. These voluntary commitments also influence our business conditions. We consider compliance with fair working conditions to be the basis of our partners' and suppliers' social responsibility. 
We conduct regular audits to ensure that these standards are met throughout the supply chain. 

The subsidiary - asecos Ltd.
asecos Ltd, based in Burton-on-Trent, England, north of Birmingham, was founded in 2004 as the fourth subsidiary of asecos GmbH.  Our asecos Ltd. team creates awareness in the United Kingdom and Ireland of the risks associated with the improper storage and handling of hazardous substances and advises companies of all sectors and sizes on the best solutions to minimise risk.
The asecos Ltd team organises regular training courses on the topics surrounding the safe storage and handling of hazardous substances. Additionally we conduct visits to your sites at your request and assess your storage needs for all hazardous materials

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