The asecos success story

It all began with the competence field of safety storage cabinets for storing flammable liquids and gas cylinders. Today the product portfolio comprises more than 3,000 articles, including: Hazardous material work stations, pharmaceutical exhausts, air circulation filters, extraction units and ventilators, tray systems of all kinds, hazardous material containers and depots, shelves, handling systems, sorbents, emergency showers, safety containers, smokers’ cabins and air purifiers.

Today asecos is the worldwide leading manufacturer of safety storage cabinets according to the European standard EN 14470 Part 1 and Part 2.


asecos in the past and present

  • 1994

    Foundation of asecos GmbH

    asecos introduces the first Type 90 safety storage cabinet

    Foundation of asecos Netherlands

  • 1997

    Relocation to Gründau-Lieblos

  • 2000

    asecos introduces the new Type 90 safety storage cabinet with pull-out drawers

    Foundation of asecos France

  • 2001

    asecos introduces the world’s first Type 90 safety storage cabinet with folding doors and pull-out drawers

  • 2002

    asecos production facilities in Gründau are extended to 23,000 m²

  • 2003

    First Type 90 folding-door cabinet with fully automatic folding doors and sensor technology is introduced

    Foundation of asecos Spain

  • 2004

    asecos introduces combi cabinets for flammable liquids, acids and alkalis

    Foundation of asecos UK

  • 2005

    asecos quality gets certified according to ISO 9001

    asecos introduces safety storage cabinets which save 60% amount of opening/closing effort

  • 2006

    asecos expands its product- portfolio with regard to extraction systems and presents the smokers’ booth smoke & talk

    asecos is the first manufacturer to present certified G90 gas cylinder cabinets

  • 2008

    asecos introduces a new generation of air purification systems: AirOne

    The new factory no. 3 on the company site in Gründau is ready to move into

  • 2009

    asecos introduces its improved under bench cabinets which now are movable and with enhanced interior height

    The new smoke & talk ECONOMY LINE was placed on the market

    asecos launches the air purifier XXL

  • 2010

    asecos presents the new smoke & talk HORECA LINE

    asecos introduces the transportable cabinet base for maximum flexibility

  • 2011

    asecos launches the mobile smokers' booth EVENT LINE

    asecos introduces a new generation of safety storage cabinets in Q-design and Q-construction

  • 2012

    Introduction of new service concept and rent concept in Germany

  • 2013

    asecos presents the small brother of the Q-LINE-90 - Safety Cabinet: The Q-LINE-30 - Safety Cabinet

  • 2014

    20 Years Safety and Environmental Protection - asecos celebrates 20-year jubilee

    The safe and cool Storage of hazardous material is possible - asecos presents the Type 90 refrigerating under bench cabinet

  • 2015

    asecos is growing – a modern 5,000 m² production and storage hall is currently being built on the company premises.

    asecos develops new recirculating air filter storage cabinets for the common storage of different hazardous materials in one cabinet. Vapours that are harmful to health are extracted and filtered at the same time.

  • 2016

    New production and storage hall launched – asecos thereby increases the production area and capacities on the company floor by 30 percent

    asecos has been awarded the internationally recognized environmental management certificate ISO 14001

    asecos is developing the V-LINE, the first Type 90 safety storage cabinet with vertical drawers controlled by electromotor (according to EN 14470-1)

  • 2017

    Start of construction of the third administrative building on the firm’s grounds: the new office complex will be finished in 2018 (total surface area: 1,600 m² on 4 levels).

    asecos presents the new DESIGN LINE smoking cabin – in a modern look, timeless and clear design as well as with functional and technical innovations.

  • 2018

    Completion of the new four-level administrative complex.
    The entire ground floor is designed as a customer center
    with several seminar rooms, a product showroom and a spacious canteen.

  • 2019

    A quarter of a century of safety and environmental protection – asecos celebrates its 25th anniversary.

    asecos presents the ION-LINE: safety storage cabinets for passive or active storage of lithium-ion batteries according to EN 14470-1 and EN 1363-1 with a fire resistance of 90 minutes (type 90) – fire protection from the outside-in and from the inside-out.

  • 2020

    Foundation of asecos AG in Switzerland

  • 2021

    asecos presents the new air purifier PURIFIAIR series, thanks to the built-in combination of pre-filters, combi-filter and HEPA filter H14 according to DIN EN 1822, even SARS-CoV-2 viruses are safely detected.

    In addition, asecos launched the 3D showroom, where visitors can virtually examine the asecos products and learn much more.

  • 2022

    asecos develops the future of hazardous material storage in the laboratory - the V-CLASSIC-90 MULTIRISK. This new safety cabinet provides safe, flexible and energy-sustainable storage of various hazardous substances in just one cabinet.

    The asecos recirculating air filter attachment has received an update and supports the safe, legally compliant and cost-effective venting of safety cabinets.

  • 2023

    Foundation of asecos AB in Sweden

    The latest asecos GAP-LINE-ECO hazardous materials workstation is even more sustainable, safe and comfortable.

    Start of construction of the new logistics center at the company headquarters in Gründau-Lieblos. Covering 11,300 square meters, the dispatch warehouse will bundle all European logistics and increase both storage and production capacities at the main plant.

    Premiere of the new ION-LINE ULTRA. The new asecos ION-LINE ULTRA safety storage cabinet for the safe active and passive storage of lithium-ion batteries was presented at A+A 2023. The latest model of the asecos ION-LINE safety storage cabinets is GS-certified.

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