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The name asecos is composed of the following words:
approved | security | ecology | solutions – for safety and environmental protection in handling and storage of hazardous materials.

Our brand name is a must. Your safety and the protection of your health are our incentive to develop products, that offer you the highest degree of protection and comfort in your daily work.

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  • 1. asecos - the innovation leader

    asecos - the innovation leader

    asecos - the innovation leader

    How to recognize an innovation leader? From their vast technological know-how, extensive market knowledge and many business partners - but above all from a perpetual need to develop something new.

    In 1994 we developed the first safety storage cabinet with 90 minute fire resistance. This aim was ambitious: To manufacture safety storage cabinets, which offer the same safety level for the storage of hazardous materials, as normal storage rooms.

    The development of the type 90 technology was a revolution in our sector - and had a lasting impact on our business strategy. It was the beginning of our history as a trend-setter for safety-related products. asecos was setting new standards with many of its evolving technologies - and these standards still apply.

    The passion to create innovative solutions is what drives us forward. This has led to the creation of a broad product portfolio - with customer specified solutions for nearly every application. Solutions, which have caused sensations when introduced worldwide!

  • 2. asecos - the expert

    asecos - the expert

    asecos - the expert

    Our expertise as a developer and manufacturer of safety products reflects not only in our first-class portfolio but also in our range of services. Our sales team is certified by the BDSF® (German Association of Consultants and Expert Valuers) as qualified evaluators for the storage and extraction of hazardous materials.

    The specialist dealers and exclusive partners, who distribute our products around the globe, receive intensive training. An individual recommendation concerning the safe and approved storage of hazardous materials is one aspect, which is of particular importance to us. Only partners who are intensively trained are able to consider the local conditions when giving on-site advice and offer an optimal product solution.

    Only those who know the risks when handling hazardous materials are able to avoid them. This is the aim of the asecos academy. With our practical safety-seminars we would like to raise awareness of the risks associated with the handling and storage of hazardous materials. This knowledge leads, in a sustainable way, to greater safety in the workplace.

    Actively involved in international working groups such as SEFA (Scientifi c Equipment and Furniture Association and EGNATON (European Association for Sustainable Laboratories) we develop innovative and sustainable solutions together with laboratory owners, architects, contractors and end users to meet the challenges of 21st century laboratories.

  • 3. asecos - first class quality made in Germany

    asecos - first class quality made in Germany

    asecos - first class quality made in Germany

    asecos offers perfection time after time. Every new product developed is subject to a thorough inspection using the latest, extensive measuring techniques before going into full production. Prior to delivery every product undergoes a meticulous quality test. To ensure first-class quality we employ highly-skilled employees at the company's headquarters in Gründau near Frankfurt/Main as well as adhering to high quality standards which comply to the ISO 9001 standard. Our customers benefit from our product quality in 2 ways: maximum safety during daily use and an extended manufacturer warranty of up to 10 years - an outstanding quality promise which is unique in our business.

    To ensure quality, our safety storage cabinets are subject to voluntary and permanent external monitoring by an accredited and independent materials testing institute. This is just one of the steps we take to ensure first-class quality.

  • 4. asecos - safe products!

    asecos - safe products!

    asecos - safe products!

    asecos safety storage cabinets are tested thoroughly - for guaranteed safety.

    Example GS-testing: this test includes among other criteria a hard, mechanical longterm operation with 50,000 cycles. An independent testing organisation documents and certifies that our products have passed this test successfully. This test also ensures asecos products meet the requirements of the EN 16121/16122.

    Example fire chamber test: This test certifies the fire protection level of the cabinet. Every single fire resistant cabinet model has successfully passed the test in accordance with the European standard EN 14470-1 respectively EN 14470-2. Furthermore the asecos safety storage cabinets also fulfil the requirements of international tests, such as the FM 6050 standard.

  • 5. asecos takes responsibility

    asecos takes responsibility

    asecos takes responsibility

    As a company in the area of safety and environmental protection we are both economically and socially active. We consider it an important part of our social responsibility to align our company's interests with social and ecological demands. High social standards at the asecos headquarters and all asecos subsidiaries, help to protect the environment and strengthen our region, these are essential characteristics of our corporate philosophy.

    Our corporate culture is shaped from open dialogue, respectful internal relationships and clear goals. Flexible working hours ensure a good work-life balance.

    We see it as our responsibility to offer apprenticeship-programmes and to recruit young talent and managers from the ranks of our own employees. Perfectly operating production processes, latest techniques and the cooperation with local suppliers contribute to the protection of a sustainable environment, this also applies to our production guideline to minimize the use of chemicals - if possible we use alternative environmentally friendly substances. Our energy consumption at the production-site is almost completely covered by our own renewable energy sources.

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